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RSJ Radio Features 2019

Between The Lines

mmaaytah November 16, 2019 30

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During the fall of 2019, my brother and my mom, finally decided to speak up about what had happened during the summer and how they are feeling about it now.

In the podcast, my brother Omar explains that he almost overdosed during the beginning of June and that ever since, his life has been completely different and his relationship with our mom has never been the same.

Childhood Photo mother and son
Childhood photo of Omar and Susy in 1996 in Toronto, ON.

During our adolescent years, Omar and I never fought, but full transparency was never completely implemented into our relationship. As we got older, every member of our family begun leading separate lives, yet Omar’s took a turn down a scary road and not too long after, he was consumed in a life full of drugs and illegal activity.

Brother and sister drinking wine

Eventually, Omar confided in my parents that he was experimenting with cocaine but that he could stop if he wanted to – and that is what he wanted. However, he never ended up stopping, and in the podcast, my mother explains how his ability to hide the truth and live a double life.

Mother and children eating ice cream
Omar (left), Susy (middle), and Mia Maaytah enjoying ice cream at Niagara Falls in the summer of 2017.

This tendency to lie ultimately got Omar into a heap of trouble, and an extremely long hospital stay. On June 6, Omar went missing and when he was found the next morning, he was rushed to the hospital where he spent a month in a coma, and until this day is still recuperating.

Omar in Hospital
Omar in the hospital in Brampton, ON., during the July of 2019.

What happened to Omar was intense both physically and mentally, and now on top of that he had to face the wrath of going back to his family and making things better. Yet, the concept of trust between Omar and my mom is limited; where he finds he is honest, she finds he is guarded.

Family members laying down in hospital bed
Omar and Susy Maaytah reading a book in the hospital on July 12, 2019 in Brampton, ON.

Omar is now back at home and everybody is trying to move past the incident and fix the family dynamic. And like I say in the podcast, it is a super, super shitty situation to be in, but we are all in it together (sorry for the cliche).

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