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Treat Everyone as if they’re God in Drag: How Spirituality Opened my Eyes

abhi.raheja November 14, 2019 228 5

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Photo of woman with text "How Spirituality Opened My Eyes".

How difficult is it moving from one country to another and starting fresh?



What goes on inside the mind of a child seeing their parents separate?



Have you ever felt lost? Without purpose? Unable to see the light that is at the end of the tunnel?



What moves you? What brings you out of bed each day? What drives you? What keeps you up?


This is Hédi Meszaros, second-year student at Ryerson University. Hédi will take you on a journey with her through the depths of her mind and heart where lie some really complex memories of her past. Get in on this ride as she shows you the mental space of a young adult dealing with life heads on.



How did she deal with the trauma of her past? By focusing on the present. Hédi reiterates the significance of surrendering to your past in order to escape it. For her, personal growth is the ultimate goal and anything that compromises with that is a challenge she loves taking on. For Hédi,  the universe has different ways of manifesting itself. Coincidences, luck and chances are not real. Everything is a sign.


“There’s no accidents in this game”

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